Rules are meant to be broken.

But knowing when to break boundaries defines the difference between success and failure.

Brands are everywhere, a big part of our lives. Research has shown that we are in touch with at least one logo every minute – in our clothes, accessories, mobile devices, electronic devices, transportation, utilities, even in the food we eat!

Logos and brands play an important role in our buying decisions. Try it yourself this very moment. Look around you and spot the number of logos, and note how you perceive the brands. Companies are competing against one another to capture your attention and get you to take action.

With so many brands jockeying for market position, consumer decisions are dictated by more than price. Factors such as brand personality and reliability have a large influence on whether consumers notice your brand, and buy into its promises. How then do companies capture the market? How can they establish confidence in their brand?

Why is branding campaign important?

People have a tendency to decide based on perceived value rather than actual value. If you think about it, which car is more luxurious, a Lexus or a Toyota? A Hamilton watch or a Seiko watch? The list goes on and on. The value of branding cannot be denied.

A branding campaign goes beyond your logo and corporate identity. It is about how people perceive the brand. You may be selling a ten-dollar product; but if your customers believe in your brand, its perceived value can be more than ten times its actual value.

Anyone can design a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo for you. An effective logo takes time and effort in researching and understanding the company and the product. It is not just about coming up with a design that looks cool or beautiful to company decision-makers.

Logos should also be simple, relevant, distinctive, memorable and adaptable – above all, it should convey the right impression to your target audience. Similarly, all collaterals need to boldly foreground your brand identity, and reinforce your brand’s personality and values.

Why choose us?

Here at Dexel, our branding team focuses on two principles.

First, we strongly believe in understanding the rules before we break them. Second, we work based on the notion that no two companies are the same: each company or product has different needs.

That is why we stress the importance of studying the branding landscape of your company or product. Only then can we design a logo and visual communications campaign that helps you stand out in the crowd.

As a general rule, we like to keep our logo designs simple yet effective, because this gives a campaign more versatility when used across a wide range of media and collaterals. This carries through to our design for related collaterals. Also, we believe that the brand identity needs to be understood by all, which is why we put special effort in developing an easy-to-understand Corporate Identity guide that you can share with your employees and partners.

So look us up, and let us show you what a great branding campaign and a talented design team can do for you.

We believe in the eight ingredients of great Branding and Logo Design.

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it relevant

  • Incorporate tradition
  • Easily recognisable

  • Make impressions
  • Think small

  • Stay focused
  • Create new recipes

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