Copy injects the essence

of your brand right into the hearts of your customers.

Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer – Shirley Polykoff

Copywriters are the makeover artists of the marketing and corporate communications world. With a flick of words here, and a shade of words there, they bring your best features to light. Their copy intrigues, entertains and persuades your audience, and turns your prospects into customers and business partners.

What is Copywriting?

At the simplest level, copywriters write “copy”, the text in marketing and corporate communications. They write copy for advertisements, brochures, newsletters and websites, among others.

But that’s often just the final part of their job. Before they even start writing, they need to first research and understand you, your competitors and your customers.

The Three Keys to Good Copywriting


Today, customers can easily access diverse sources of information on companies and products. Hence, individuality and authenticity are essential when communicating with them. These matter whether you are creating advertising campaigns, or engaging in content marketing and content strategy activities.

To win over customers and gain their loyalty in this connected world, copywriters make sure that your communications are consistent and believable.


Copywriters are more than wizards with words. They are also business strategists. They know how to reach your audience with the right concepts. Working with an agency’s marketing and creative teams, they dig deep into your brand to discover what’s special about you and your products. They also find out who your competitors are and what they are doing.

They then answer the question: What can they highlight about you that will entice the customer to buy into your story? In other words, they work out what your position is in the market.


Once copywriters understand your story, they will tell it with a passion and conviction that rings loudly in today’s crowded communications arena.

They draw on their knowledge of consumer psychology to craft copy that resonates emotionally with your customers. And they work with the design team to create novel campaigns that make your customers sit up and pay attention.

So look us up, and let us show you what great copywriting and a talented design team can do for you.

Elements of Copywriting

These are some key topics in copywriting:

  • Researching the company
  • Understanding the customers’ language
  • Creating headlines that grab attention

  • Writing persuasive copy
  • Convincing customers to buy
  • Closing the deal with calls to action

  • Matching copy and design
  • Deciding to write long vs. short copy

Other design services

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