Create books that wow.

Connect with customers on all devices to attract new readers.

Corporate Publications

Digital Publishing gives you extended opportunity to connect with your customers & associates. It has the ability to express your brand in new dimension and intrigue your viewers. This interactive experience is now possible and affordable.
Get customers excited and talking. Get employees and stakeholders involved and engaged.

  • Extend your brand’s influence
  • Bring your communications to life
  • Reduce postage and publishing costs

Digital Magazines

Be it digital version of a print magazine or created specifically for the internet, Digital Publishing has increased in popularity among publishers and readers for a variety of reasons. Users are awarded with entirely new and unique experience every time they flip a new page. Fast navigation through Links and Searches turn digital magazines into user friendly research tools.

  • Expand to reach new audience
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Measure engagement
  • Build on the existing Publishing processes

Digital Retail Catalog

Slide shows, Videos and 360-degree Product Rotations — All on Tablets and Smartphones in your customers’ hands, accessible 24/7 wherever they are. Digital Publishing gives you a complete solution to revolutionize your catalog business — from creation and publication to metrics that tell you what shoppers want so you can drive online and retail sales.

  • Boost Retail Revenue
  • Bring your catalog to life
  • Reduce Publishing costs
  • Easy accessibility for customers

Digital Flipbook

Interactive media will capture the attention of users faster than traditional print media. Imagine having your annual report, commemorative book and brochures with videos, hyperlinks, music and photo gallery in one place. The users will be able to interact with your online books instantly without any delay. You may also update the books instantly without a hassle to the users. Check out our blog to know more about online media.

So look us up, and let us show you what great digital publishing and a talented design team can do for you.

Other design services

The following will pair well with our digital publishing services.