Great design begins when
agency + client

are in sync…

In journeying together, a client and his graphic design agency are bound to encounter humps and bumps along the way. A meeting of minds between agency and client on expectations can make travelling a lot smoother. Sometimes achieving that level of understanding takes patience, especially at the start of the creative process of designing.

Shaking out the jitters

At the start of a project, it is natural for both the client and graphic design agency to feel some anxiety. The client–agency relationship doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes time and effort for the client and agency to understand what to expect from the process. It is important for the client to have an agency that he can trust to come up with creative designs that fit their marketing objectives. Should any uneasiness enters the relationship at any point, the issues need to be discussed before matters get blown out of proportion.

The design brief

Knowing what the client requires will save both parties a lot of time and avoid conflict during the design process. Questions need to be answered and ironed out, the client’s expectations understood, and the deadline agreed upon. The design brief plays an important role in guiding both the client and agency to reach an effective outcome. Frustrations will happen and mistakes will be made. The important thing is to be able to overcome it.

In sum, effective design happens when the client connects with an agency that he can trust, that takes the time to understand his expectations, that has a team with the talent and experience to conceptualise projects and campaigns that marry design with results.

So look us up, and let us show you what great graphic design by a talented team can do for you.

Gathering preliminary information

Basic information is needed before any graphic design project may begin.

  • Company’s name
  • Business location

  • No. of years in business
  • The product or service sold

  • The challenges faced
  • Who the competitors are

  • Who the decision-maker is
  • Who the contact person is

Other design services

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