AIC Starter Kit

  • AIC Starter Kit

  • AIC Starter Kit

  • AIC Starter Kit

AIC Starter Kit (Marketing Materials)

The Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) is an organisation in Singapore that promotes healthy living and graceful aging. They provide post-discharge services and equip the elderly with information to take care of themselves.
In 2016, AIC engaged us to create starter kits for its employees. The AIC Starter Kit was going to be part of a campaign that would raise awareness about the organisation’s service standards. Not only did the kit have to be informative, it also had to make the employees of AIC feel loved and inspired.

For this starter kit, we packaged a variety of different useful objects. The first was a customised mug, which contained a message “Because we’re a prized team”. Such a message demonstrated how much AIC treasured and valued its employees. Alongside the mug was a bottle of specially-designed candy. The candies each contained a “H.U.G” label. In AIC, H.U.G. stood for Heart, Unspoken needs and Go beyond.

Heart meant that AIC employees serve with heart. Likewise, Unspoken needs indicates how employees anticipate unspoken needs. Lastly, Go beyond refers to how employees go beyond the call of duty. The candies added a sweet touch to the overall message.

In addition, the starter kit included a unique A5 notebook. The notebook was not just a handy tool for the employees to take notes, it was also filled with motivational quotes from other AIC employees.

Lastly, we designed a box to package everything together. Furthermore, the box included the H.U.G acronym, and reiterated the “Because we’re a prized team” message. Hence, the box helped to outline the entire purpose of the starter kit.

Dexel is proud to be able to meet the objectives of the starter kit and we are grateful of this opportunity to work with AIC on this project.

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