NDP 2015 Fun Pack (Collection Postcard)

  • NDP 2015 Fun Pack

  • NDP 2015 Fun Pack

  • NDP 2015 Fun Pack

NDP 2015 Fun Pack (Collection Postcard)

2015 was a major milestone for Singapore, as the country celebrated its 50 years of independence. To commemorate this special and joyous occasion, fun packs – consisting of various gifts and vouchers – were given to everyone in Singapore for the first time ever.

We are incredibly honoured to have played an important role in the collection of these fun packs. We were entrusted with the responsibility to design and help create postcards that would inform and allow Singaporeans to claim the fun packs.

As the 2015 Fun Pack Collection Postcard would be sent to all Singaporean households, the design of the postcard had to be easily understood by people of all races. At the same time, it should look “fun and interactive”.

The main source of inspiration behind our design is the multiracial community in Singapore. It is indeed a huge accomplishment for a racially diverse country to bond and work hand in hand for many generations. As such, we wanted to have a design that would reflect this achievement.

The postcard shows a community of people, made up of the different races and genders, coming together as one. Their faces reveal smiles and laughter as they hold each other’s hands before a podium. Ultimately, this symbolises how Singaporeans share our happy moments together, growing together as one united nation.

Following the theme of racial diversity, instructions written in the four official languages of Singapore are also printed on the borders of the postcard. Furthermore, the postcard included enticing discounts from our sponsors, using innovative and interactive QR codes for easy convenience.

This postcard has been fully sponsored by Generic Print, HL Assurance, Zalora, Fuji Xerox and we supported the efforts in graphic and web design. We are grateful for this wonderful opportunity to play a part in Singapore’s jubilee birthday party celebrations (SG50)!

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