Game Booklet by People’s Association

  • Game Booklet by PA

  • Game Booklet by PA

  • Game Booklet by PA

Game Booklet by People’s Association

The Brief

This booklet will contain approximately 8-10 simple games which are designed to promote greater interaction and bonding among residents and/or neighbours. An example of a game to be featured is the bingo game which requires participants to look for fellow participants who fit the description on the game sheet.

The game booklet will be distributed to the Integration and Naturalisation Champions (INCs) – Grassroots Leaders who promote integration in the community.

The Solution

The game booklet was created with a playful concept, to be as colourful as possible. The booklet was the second series of 7 booklets, to be consistent with the first booklet in terms of size and header lockup. Inside was filled with colourful and illustrative game instructions. The target audience in mind was for all age, gender and race, the instructions had to be straight forward, simple yet easy to understand for the Grassroots Leaders.

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