Prudential Wall Mural

  • Prudential Wall Mural

  • Prudential Wall Mural

  • Prudential Wall Mural

Prudential Wall Mural (2016 Campaign)

Prudential, an insurance company, rewards its best-performing employees with trips to exciting destinations in various parts of the world. In 2016, the company looked to us for our skills and expertise in graphic design.

The company sought a large wall mural that could display such trips to its employees. For that year, 3 destinations were chosen: Rome, Osaka and Hong Kong. As the mural was going to be placed in a very prominent location, the mural had to look eye-catching and appealing. Furthermore, the client yearned for a design that was new and fresh.

After much brainstorming, the creative team settled on the idea of using pop-up figures to make the mural more lively and less flat. These figures were going to be attached to the photo-based backdrops, giving the whole mural a three-dimensional (3D) effect.

The 3 destinations were first categorised into specific categories such as Eat, Play and Shop. In addition, we labeled each location with a suitable hashtag (#prurome, #pruosaka, #pruhongkong). These hashtags were enclosed in a circular logo, making them stand out against the backdrops.

In the photo of Osaka, a pop-up figure of Japanese Geisha was placed in front of Japanese food stalls. This helped to create an appetising image and everyone felt that it represented the “eat” category well.

Similarly, in the photo of Rome, we laid a Roman gladiator pop-up figure stood against the backdrop of the world-famous Trevi fountain. This resulted in a fun and thrilling look, embodying the idea of “Play” that the company wanted to convey.

For Hong Kong, the backdrop of Lau Kwai Fong was used, one of the busiest shopping places. We also selected a pop-up figure of the Hong Kong street bus. This photo inspired onlookers to get out and make a purchase, and helped to fulfill the “shop” aspect.

Overall, the final product delighted the client. Moreover, Dexel received positive feedbacks about the mural. It has been a pleasure to work with Prudential on this project.

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