Create a unified look.

Make life easier for your visitors, and apply the same design elements throughout your web design.

Web design can take weeks and even months if planning is not done properly beforehand. It is important to plan and map out the website structure before any design begins. Spending a little more time on planning your site will save you hours and hours of frustration later. We follow these basic guidelines for better-quality web design.

Planning your web design

Once you have obtained your domain name, it is time to look into what’s going to go into your website.

At Dexel, we never skip the planning stage. Companies that jump straight into developing the website content – rather than investing time in planning – have often lived to regret it. They lose time, effort and money when they have to make substantial changes to make the site more user-friendly. More importantly, by creating a poorly planned website, visitors may be left with a negative brand impression.

Next we need to focus on the reason for having a website. Do you want to sell things to people? Get them to read your articles? Attract advertisers? Provide more information about your services? You would also need to consider your target audience. Are they tech-savvy, or are you targeting more mature audiences? Depending on your objectives and who you are trying to reach, different decisions on web design will be made.

The following steps are vital in helping to save time and be more efficient in planning your web site:

  • Map out your website
  • Research competitor websites
  • Plan for accessibility and readability on multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Decide on the framework of your website

Perfecting your site’s navigation

Basically every website has a navigational structure. This is the most important aspect in a web design, but very easy to get wrong. Most of us have experienced going to a website, and leaving in frustration when we simply cannot find what we want. It is important to consider the labels to use for navigational elements. If the words used are too long or too difficult, visitors may feel frustrated. Clear navigation is essential if you want a popular, usable website.

Limiting your content

The internet is filled with billions of web pages, so it is extremely important to offer something unique to your visitor. However, many tend to throw every bit of information onto their website, flooding and overwhelming the visitor with too much detail. Nice bite-sized contents will be easier for the visitor to digest and search engine (SEO) ranking.

We follow the steps below to build a more attractive website for your visitors.

  • Stay away from web design that is too confusing
  • Limit the number of pages per topic
  • Consider the language complexity
  • Simplify your navigational elements
  • Create a unified look

So look us up, and let us show you what great web design and a talented design team can do for you.

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